The Game

TrickShot takes place as the galaxy’s #1 survival game show where contestants select between Hoverblades or Hoverboards in this fast-paced, skate trick multiplayer shooter where players dodge bullets and take out opponents as they skate ramps, grind, parkour, and complete air and ground tricks for the most points to win. Get ready to out-trick and out-gun each other in skatepark inspired “AIRenas”.

NOTHING compares to going on a high-speed pursuit, hitting a ramp, blasting up in the air, pulling off a Kickflip McTwist board trick as you soar, coming in HOT with momentum and catching up to your opponent. Then shooting or power tackling them from behind, as they ragdoll OUT!


Character Key Art




3 Key Points

Trickster vs Marksman – The game is not about kill counts but points. The player tallies up points and can maintain a combo point multiplier as they successfully complete Air/Ground/Grinding tricks, wall run, climb, smash, jump, slide, tackle, headshots and kills. Players can choose to focus on aggressive kills and headshots, or more passive tricks, or a combination in between that’s right for them — this allows for a wider spectrum of fun play experiences for different play styles.

Hoverboards & Hoverblades with Tricks – TrickShot is the ONLY game that lets players select between the visually mesmerizing acrobatics of futuristic skateboards or roller skates. Nothing compares to doing a Kickflip McTwist as you come in hot and you shoot or slide tackle an opponent as you fall with style from the air after your trick. All skates and tricks are usable by all of the characters. Players get to experience Air, Ground, and Grinding tricks that are unique to each skate.

Dormant Fan Base – We are creating a reimagined take on skate games for the many skate gaming fans who have been abandoned by certain franchises. The masses have been begging for a return to good arcade skateboarding game like the old Tony Hawk for over a decade. Plus inline skate fans would love to relive the tricks and attitude of Jet Set Radio. Snowboard trick fans continue to beg EA to bring back SSX Tricky to modern day. We have taken inspiration from all of these classic xtreme games. TrickShot incorporates their fast movement and trick mechanics with a shooter,creating a game with a larger potential audience by appealing to skateboarders, inline skaters, and snowboarding game fans new and old — as well as shooter fans.

Why Will Everyone Love Your Game?

TrickShot combines the energy of mesmerizing acrobatic tricks with matches that take place in skatepark-styled maps, bringing a sense of flight and aerial verticality to run & gun fights. TrickShot is the first and only game to combine the exhilarating elements of parkour, skate park ramps, grinds, and tricks. Lay waste to your opponents while maneuvering on your choice of hoverskates or hoverboards.

Skating’s cyclical popularity is due for a comeback. Skateboarding is debuting as an Olympic Sport in Tokyo 2021, which should result in a huge International resurgence for new and old fans. In addition, last month was the premier of a Tony Hawk video game documentary “Pretending I’m a Superman,” celebrating the game franchise’s 20-year anniversary. Old fans of Tony Hawk, Jet Set Radio and SSX Tricky have been begging online for years for a good game. TrickShot is here to fill the void.