The Game

In Valiants, you experience a comic book adventure come to life! Take up your mask as you traverse the animated story panels and strategize your moves in unique turn-based combat. Every encounter takes place within two panels of the page, each representing different locales that can be switched between at will. Villains are lurking, so be on your guard. A fight could break out anywhere from the rooftops to the sewers, or even between the physical and psychic planes!

The Story

The Elites had won. Individuals with powers, or Valiants, were common, but the Elites were a government sanctioned team chosen to take out all superpowered threats, the best of the best. After years of work, all but a few villains had either been arrested, forced into retirement, or… something more final.

But it was all a ruse!

Marko, a villainous Valiant-for-hire, and the Elites’ remaining enemies were contracted to do the unthinkable. An assault on their headquarters in New Venture’s City Center killed several Elites, causing those left to scatter. Now the villains have broken free of Maddox prison, come out of retirement, or revealed their feigned deaths.

New Venture is worse than it has ever been…

The Characters

Join Recon and Mira:

A dock worker for Marko’s organization by day, Recon wields an arsenal built from blueprints he’s secretly stolen from the villain himself! But Marko has discovered his tech has gone missing and is desperate to have it back, willing to burn down the city to find it!

Mira is a younger Valiant with the ability to change the weight of objects. She fell in with Marko and his crew while finding her place in New Venture several years ago, before leaving when they turned violent. Now that rumors are circulating that Marko led the team that destroyed the Elites, Mira wants to clear her old friend’s name, if she can!

Can these two up-and-comers begin turning the tide and restore peace to New Venture?

Find out in… Valiants!


Key Art

Character Illustrations

3 Key Points

1. Punchy comic book visuals and structure

2. Turn-based JRPG combat

3. Shift between two battlefields that you fight on simultaneously, each changing your characters’ abilities and how they engage with enemies.

Why Will Everyone Love Your Game?

Valiants looks and plays like a comic book come to life! Tight turn based combat focused on shifting between battlefields with a colorful cast of characters will keep the player mesmerized throughout.