The Game

A Lovecraftian JRPG where consuming monsters is the key to survive

Jake Kontor and her team of law enforcement recruits are on the chase to hunt down an interstellar rogue agent when they’re pulled into a mysterious anti-universe known as The Void. Having just been made Headmaster of the universe’s largest policing force, the Ecademy, Jake’s highest concern is to care for her stranded crew. When monsters start emerging from The Void, she quickly realizes that not only are the lives of her crew in danger, but the lives of every soul in the universe.

Using their advanced technology, Jake and her interplanetary partners Uzu and Trask must master their innate specialties in kinetic energy, gravity, and plant life to battle interstellar monsters. Harvesting monsters to fabricate equipment and provisions from organs is imperative if the trio hopes to survive. Consuming monsters give unique physiological abilities and attributes, based on the beast’s elemental traits. Forging equipment will upgrade the crew with tech capable of withstanding this hostile planet. However losing sanity and succumbing to fear will attract horrors from The Void that will haunt our survivors.

The team must travel intelligently, carefully documenting the secrets of their new environment. They’ll explore a subterranean forest wheezing its final breaths, descend to decrepit caverns wasting away under decomposition, hike over frozen tundras covered by a giant monster’s rotting corpse, and encounter evil whose sole wish is to spread darkness wherever possible. Only the shadows know what Jake, Uzu and Trask will uncover as they search for a way out of this terrifying anti-universe.

Blending elements of sandbox, survival, and horror with classic, active turn-based, Japanese role-playing style battles, Celestial Tear: Lost World presents a new cross-genre experience unlike anything seen before. With retro pixel-art graphics and a lush, dynamic 16-bit soundtrack, the world of Celestial Tear: Lost World provides an immersive Lovecraftian experience as players travel across this gritty, dark anti-universe. Fans of Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, and even the classic Eternal Darkness will all find something to relish in this cosmic, terrifying adventure.


Key Art

Character Illustrations

2D Pixel Art


3 Key Points

1. Embark on a perilous journey of survival into a dark and desolate anti-universe filled with mysteries, deadly creatures, and an environment bent on destroying you as you struggle to find a way out.

2. Hunt deadly monsters harvesting their parts to survive. Eat, study, and use their unique physiology to create biological weapons and upgrades to assist in defeating your enemies.

3.Engage with an immersive dynamic soundtrack as the music shifts with the moment. As otherworldly creatures approach, so does the melody of dread and doom.

Why Will Everyone Love Your Game?

The audience will enjoy the mix of epic RPG and gritty survival horror mechanics, the dark Lovecraftian and unique varied enemy designs, and the engaging cinematic anime motion comics and aesthetics. The game also features an immersive retro-inspired soundtrack.